'Suicide Squad' Fans Made A Surprising Connection Between Jared Leto's Joker And Another Joker

Jared Leto looks suspiciously similar to the Joker in 'Batman: Endgame'

You hear that sound? It's the collective roar of people freaking the eff out over the new Suicide Squad trailer that exclusively debuted at the 2016 Movie Awards Sunday night (April 10).

When stars Jared Leto, Will Smith, Margot Robbie, and Cara Delevingne presented the previously unseen footage, it's clear they came out to play.

Fans took to Twitter to express their excitement about the movie, which drops August 5 -- meaning we still have a whopping 115 days to go.

And some DC fans noticed a striking similarity between Leto's Joker and the Joker in the Batman: Endgame comics. It's all in the face, you see.

In case you're unfamiliar with that particular storyline, the six-issue comic was written by Scott Snyder and illustrated by artist Greg Capullo. The Joker is terrifying AF, using his toxic and paralytic gas to bring Gotham to its knees.

Anyone who succumbs to the airborne pathogen, which is transmitted by laughter, will make them look like the Joker himself and transforms feelings of love into pure hatred, leading to mass hysteria and violence. You know, a typical day in Gotham. Oh yeah, and the Joker is kinda immortal now, thanks to a serum he uses to heal himself. NBD.

Fans are stoked by the possibility that Suicide Squad director David Ayer's Joker is inspired by Snyder and Capullo's Joker, because that means all bets are off.

And Capullo even retweeted this fan's observation, which is making us even more excited for the movie. Until then, we'll just be re-watching this trailer 9,483,093 more times.

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