James Corden Is Bootylicious In His Hilarious Beyoncé-Inspired Soap Opera

Corden’s joined by Meg Ryan and Adam Scott in a tale of cheating lovers

On Monday night’s (September 12) Late Late Show, James Corden introduced a new episode of his recurring sketch, “The Bold And The Lyrical,” where Corden and his celebrity guests act out a soap opera completely made up of lyrics from pop songs. Previous iterations of “The Bold And The Lyrical” have included songs from Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, and this week’s script was provided by none other than Beyoncé.

In a sordid tale about cheating lovers, Corden walks in on Meg Ryan and Adam Scott in bed together (with Scott hiding under the covers), when Corden immediately realizes that Ryan’s “acting kind of shady, ain’t calling [him] baby.” Turns out Ryan and Scott have been drinking, graining on that wood, and Corden’s not happy.

Beyoncé’s lyrics fit the soap opera theatrics surprisingly well, and the sketch is made by Adam Scott’s impeccable deadpan — at least until he “accidentally” slips into a Lady Gaga lyric. (Do you want the Beyhive coming after you, Adam? R.I.P. your mentions.) In the end, James Corden is too bootylicious for Ryan and Scott both.

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