The Jonas Brothers Urge Young Music Lovers To 'Be Conscious' When Entering The Business

The trio offered words of support to burgeoning young musicians

The Jonas Brothers are living their best live, and it shows.

Nick, Kevin, and Joe are each married with happy home lives, rocking out during their sold-out Happiness Begins tour, and celebrating their success in style. But they still have time to take a moment to speak on their experience in the industry, especially when it comes to getting younger musicians involved.

The trio spoke with E! News about their journey to superstardom in a recent interview.

"We just got out there and played and I think it's something that we try to tell a lot of young artists when they ask us for advice. Just get out there and play and rehearse," said Joe of the band's early days in the industry. "For us, it started organically with Nick. He was doing a solo record. Somebody heard us and thought we'd be good as a band so it kind of started really fast but it took a long time to crack the code." Of course, things don't always happen like that for everyone hoping to join the industry. For younger would-be musicians, it was Nick who had some other advice to pass on.

"I would say in addition to the love of music, I think you also have to be conscious of just how scary it can be to have a young person in this business in general because when it's purely just about the music and the love of music, that's one thing," said Nick. "But when you add all the other elements, it can go south very quickly so I think I would encourage my kids and our kids to follow their passion but know that we're going to do our best to be good parents within that and sometimes, it means setting some boundaries." Of course Nick would have the best perspective here – he's getting ready to be a coach on The Voice!

Great advice from both members of the group – and it really applies at any age. What better outfit than the Jonas Brothers to offer inspirational, mentor-like advice?