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Avril Lets Her Freak-Nasty Side Out Of The Bedroom… With Marilyn Manson On Their NSFW 'Bad Girl'

Listen to Avril Lavigne's new song with Chad Kroeger, "Let Me Go."

Avril teams up with Marilyn Manson in her unexpectedly grimy new track.

Um, Avril Lavigne? Is that you? "You can f*** me, you can play me/ You can love me, you can hate me," sings the now-all-grown-up artist in her cross-genre collabo with -- pause for deep breaths -- MARILYN MANSON.

Well, if the adult Avril is gonna be a "Bad Girl" with Manson, then we are officially on board. Sailing the high seas. Never looking back. Kings of the world. (Also, Chad Kroeger's cool with that kinda dirty talk?? With Marilyn Manson of all people?! Coolest.. husband.. ever.)

Listen to Avril Lavigne's "Bad Girl" featuring Marilyn Manson after the jump.

Slated to appear on Lavigne's self-titled Nov. 5 album, "Bad Girl" is what we here like to refer to as "pop noir." Sure, the song has hooks that'd put "Sk8r Boi"'s earworm mathematics to shame and is layered with the same sparkling synths we heard in "Here's To Never Growing Up" and "Rock N Roll," but it's Manson's deep, growly, gritty howl that imbues "Bad Girl" with the frightening quality we've come to know from Manson's solo records.

At the top of the track, Manson snarls: "Just lay your head in daddy's lap/ You're a bad girl," followed by Avril, who echoes his sentiment: "Hey, hey, I'll let you walk all over me/ You know that I'm a little tease/ But I want it pretty please/ You know I'm crazy/ I just want to be your baby."

Sure, "Bad Girl" might be a total sonic departure from Avril and Chad's tear-jerking "Let Me Go," and we'll never say no to Avril crying alone near a dusty piano, but we know she's a bad-ass rocker at heart, and boy are we happy to see Mr. Manson reinvigorate that energy.

+ Listen to Avril Lavigne's "Bad Girl" featuring Marilyn Manson (NSFW).

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