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Vincent D'Onofrio Unwitting Passenger On Madonna's Shipwreck

Confusion occurs when man with same name sues singer over 'Swept Away.'

Madonna's new movie has been causing a lot of problems -- first for her husband, then for a would-be co-producer and now for an actor who's not even in it.

"Swept Away," directed by Madonna's husband, British filmmaker Guy Ritchie ("Snatch"), recently came under fire in a Details magazine editorial that accused the Material Mom of ruining Ritchie's hipster cred by starring in one of his flicks. After all, her box office résumé includes the flops "The Next Best Thing" (2000) and "Shanghai Surprise" (1986), in which she co-starred with her last husband, Sean Penn.

And then this week, Vincent D'Onofrio filed a lawsuit against Ritchie, Madonna and Sony Pictures, claiming it was his idea to remake the 1974 Italian softcore shipwreck flick with Madonna in the lead. And though several news outlets picked up the story, many of them missed an important fact. The self-described actor, singer, songwriter and producer who is suing over "Swept Away" is not the same Vincent D'Onofrio who starred in "The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys" and opposite Jennifer Lopez in "The Cell."

In a statement to the press, representatives for the more well known D'Onofrio, who regularly appears on TV's "Law and Order: Criminal Intent," clarified that he is in no way part of any lawsuit involving Madonna or "Swept Away."

The other D'Onofrio reportedly asked a judge on Tuesday to issue a temporary injunction blocking "Swept Away"'s Friday release, but the judge refused. He plans to push onward with the suit.