Watch Future and The Weeknd Perform “Low Life” On 'Saturday Night Live'

Plus, a performance of "Jumpman" with host Jonah Hill

Future made his debut on Saturday Night Live last night, bringing out The Weeknd for a performance of “Low Life." "Low Life" comes from Future's latest album Evol, released last month.

For his second performance, Future performed “March Madness,” because of course he did—we’re already a couple days into March, and a few short weeks away from the annual NCAA basketball tournament. (Is it too much to hope Future does a trap remix of "One Shining Moment"?)

Additionally, during the show’s opening monologue, Future performed “Jumpman,” with Jonah Hill tagging in after claiming [falsely] that Drake was going to cameo and perform. (Jonah Hill also introduced both of Future’s performances holding a styrofoam cup, so we’re thinking he might be a real fan.)

It was Jonah Hill’s fourth time hosting SNL. (Wonder who will make it into the Five-Timer’s Club first, with Melissa McCarthy also hosting her fourth (and one-sixteenth) show last month.)

While he didn’t reprise his recurring character Adam Grossman or legendary producer Tim Jacklepappy, Hill still showed his range as a host in a somewhat-uneven episode.

Below are some of the episode’s other highlights:

Voters for Trump.

This campaign commercial parody showcasing Trump voters has a sharp-edged twist that makes it sure to be shared on your relatives' Facebook feeds for the rest of the 2016 election. Simple, but effective.

Jason Sudeikis returns!

Less simple (and less effective) was the show’s cold open, which featured Beck Bennett as CNN’s Jake Tapper checking in on several of the Presidential campaigns. They quickly hit on Trump / Christie (I guess there wasn’t much more to be said after this), and the highlight was the return of Jason Sudeikis as Mitt Romney.

Nate wins a wrestling match.

This brutal sketch features Jonah Hill as a high school wrestler who finds out the match he just won wasn’t everything it seemed. Worth it for the Friday Night Lights vibes and Kenan Thompson alone. #TigersForever

Jay Pharaoh’s black comedian impression medley.

While we already knew Jay Pharaoh was a talented impressionist, this was truly impressive. Pharaoh recreates an entire "secret meeting” of black comedians gathered (at Eddie Murphy's bowling alley) to discuss a feud between Katt Williams and Kevin Hart, and proceeds to rip off impressions of Williams, Hart, Murphy, Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Tracy Morgan, Chris Tucker, Hannibal Buress and Bernie Mac.

Inside SoCal.

Another chapter in Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett’s Inside SoCal franchise, with the return of Jonah Hill’s indelible character “Keith,” as the gang reports on world news and Jessica Cabarra’s breast reduction surgery.

Dangerous Woman Ariana Grande is next week’s host and musical guest.