Did You Know That 'Seinfeld' Was Actually A 'Breaking Bad' Prequel?

"You're goddamn right."

Before he became Walter White-slash-Heisenberg for AMC's "Breaking Bad," Bryan Cranston was bouncing his way through a ton of TV guest spots.

You might recall, he was Doug and Carrie's cloying next-door neighbor Tim in "The King of Queens" and then Lucifer in "Fallen." He even had one-time stints in "Chicago Hope" and "The X-Files" to speak of because when it came to keeping steady work, Bryan was bloody everywhere.

But one of his most memorable turns as a show here-and-there guy was on "Seinfeld" as Dr. Tim Whatley, the so-called "Dentist to the Stars" who worked on Jerry's teeth and once had a thing with Elaine.

You might remember him most for his repeated bouts of holiday thriftiness, but what you might not realize is that he was actually Mr. White-to-be back then, AND he had a secretly big hand in the eventual demise of Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer.

OK, not really. But that is the new spin this YouTube video (via Zap2it) is taking to ramp up the otherwise yawn-worthy series finale that "Seinfeld" actually delivered way back when, and we're digging the connection.

The only thing that's missing is White-ley re-gifting his infamous pork pie hat, but maybe that bit's just being saved for the eventual spin-off, "Better Beep Jackie Chiles."

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