Parents Surprised Their Kids With New Brother By Placing Him Under The Christmas Tree

These little girls ~cannot handle~ the surprise. So sweet.

When Courtney and Mike Solstad added the newest member of their family to the fold, they decided to surprise their three girls in a unique, holiday-themed way.

The Solstad girls were completely unaware their new brother was about to join their lives. According to one of the girls, their parents told them they were going "on a date" -- when really, they were picking up little Nathan Solstad.

"The girls knew nothing about Nathan until this," Courtney Solstad says in the caption under her video. "We met them at the door and told them that we had been out Christmas shopping and got them a gift to share...and it was under the tree!"

(Oh, and if you're wondering like we are, it appears their tree is artificial, so no need to worry about falling pine needles.) Here's to your first Solstad Christmas, Nathan! ?

Watch the totally sweet video below.