'Jersey Shore' Star Sammi Explains Reaction To Snooki, JWoww Note

She says her girls 'probably should have came and told me personally' about Ronnie's indiscretions.

It's possibly the most famous letter in reality-show history: the anonymous, all-caps note informing "Jersey Shore" star Sammi that Ronnie had been eagerly messing around behind her back.

Eventually, the truth came out -- in hair-pulling, vocal-cord-shredding fashion. What else have we come to expect from the endlessly entertaining "Shore" kids? Sammi ended up repairing her relationship with Ron, though we can't say the same for her rapport with the letter-writing Snooki and JWoww. The past few episodes, Sammi and Ron have been snuggling and first-pumping as if they just got married on the Seaside Heights boardwalk. Meanwhile, things between Sammi and her two roommates have remained icy at best and vicious at worst.

Now finished filming in Miami, Sammi opened up to MTV News about her reaction to both the note and Ronnie's less-than-honorable behavior and why the note seemed to bother her more than her boo's deception.

"Why am I really upset more at the girls than Ron?" she said. "Well, Ron was a douche bag. He kind of screwed me over, messed me up, but these are my girls. The people that I lived in the room with, that probably should have came and told me personally.

"I'm there crying to my friends -- who I think are my friends -- and they're staring at me lying to my face. I understand they didn't know what to do. I understand they were in a hard pickle," Sammi added. "I'm not mad at them for writing the note. Thank you -- I wish people would understand this -- thank you for writing the note. I'm more mad that you guys are supposed to be my friends and you were more worried about losing Ron as a friend than me."

Back in Jersey, Sammi said, her friends would have told her the truth. But in Miami, she found herself not only facing the difficulty of living with her then-ex-boyfriend, but doing so without a group of trustworthy peeps on her side. Once she began to suspect that Ronnie was smooching girls behind her back, she began to feel truly alone.

"I'm in this house now, everybody knows something but me," Sammi explained. "Ron was a douche bag, the house, everybody's fake, and I'm on my own. So now I'm coming into this, I'm losing my mind, I'm so insecure, I don't know who's my friend in the house, because not one person can come up to me and tell me what's really going on."

Of course, none of that explains why Sammi chose to forgive Ronnie for his behavior but not Snooki and JWoww for theirs. Sammi does point out that she helped Snooki through a difficult time with her then-boyfriend, Emilio, and was upset that Snooki didn't support her in return. Ultimately, Sammi came to lean on Ronnie once again, if only because she had nowhere else to turn.

"For them to just look at me and just lie to me every single day -- knowing that they know something's going on -- to me is not OK," she said of her roomies. "I felt really backstabbed when those girls just thought, 'Oh, let's write a note,' and then think it's funny when I asked them about it."

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