These 'Road Rules' OG Cast Members Just Celebrated A Special Anniversary

Ahhh, the Winnebago days.

In 1995, five twentysomethings -- Mark Long, Kit Hoover, Carlos "Los" Jackson, Allison Jones and Shelly Spottedhorse -- were on the search for their "handsome reward" after they successfully ventured around the United States in some cramped living conditions (ahhh, the Winnebago). Now, two of those "Road Rules" alums -- the OGs, if you will -- just joined together to commemorate a very special occasion: the thrill-seeking series' 20th anniversary! Feels like only yesterday that they threw out allllll the rules and schlepped around in that RV...

M and K -- who enjoyed some fun flirtation during their "First Adventure" mission-filled days -- reunited on "Access Hollywood" to reminisce about their unforgettable televised journey ("RR" first premiered on July 19, 1995). Remember when these two were parading around in their towels at the spa toward the end of their travels? Oh, we do...

"Great time today on #AccessHollywoodLIVE #MTV #RoadRules #20YearReunion @mtv," the two-time "Challenge" champ captioned the Instagram snapshot above during an appearance on the bubbly brunette's program.

Meanwhile, the mother of three also couldn't help but gush about how it was "great to see" her fellow castie. And as evidenced in the video below, this pair hasn't missed beat -- even after all these years:

And while it's been two decades, there's one moment that still sticks out to the man dubbed "Godfather."

"The skydiving competition where my shoot didn’t pull and I almost died," Mark revealed to Yahoo! TV. "I jumped out of the plane last and landed on the ground first before everyone."

+ Can you believe it's been 20 years since "RR" made its debut? Share your fave memories in the comments -- and for a fun rewind, rewatch the intro from the first season (the CASSETTE TAPE!) below:

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