Yes, Ruby Rose Is A Serious DJ, And Yes, People Toss Panties At Her 'Every Time'

The 'OITNB' star is groovy in more ways than one.

Just like your heart, Ruby Rose is about to make the clubs start thumpin'.

Because in addition to being the scene-stealing new star of "Orange is the New Black" Season 3, she's also an experienced electronic dance music DJ who just landed a clutch new booking deal with Connected Artists.

As reported by Your EDM, Rose was added to the list of bookable artists at Connected Artists, so she can start making the club scene rounds -- more often, that is.

Rose has actually been DJing for years now, most recently at NY nightclub Pacha, where someone was actually so enamored with her spinning skills -- and/or the fact that she's a FORCE all around -- that they threw a pair of panties her way during the show. Which is an obvious homage to, um, certain events from her season on "OITNB." (They were even pink!)

Apparently, this is a semi-regular -- actually, "every time" -- thing now.

All we can say is the EDM scene just got a whole lot steamier.