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Ansel Elgort, Regular Guy, Tried (And Failed) To Play It Cool Around Ryan Gosling

Sadly, Ansolo did not perform ‘City of Stars’ with Gosling

Before he was a Hollywood guy, Ansel Elgort's first love was musical theater. Cue his swoonworthy piano cover of La La Land's Oscar-winning song "City of Stars" for further evidence of Elgort's prowess.

But just weeks after covering Ryan Gosling's solo version on Instagram, the Baby Driver star got the chance to meet his idol in the flesh at CinemaCon last week. And he played it totally cool. Or just about as cool as any mere mortal could play it in front of Ryan Gosling.

When asked if Gosling had seen his "City of Stars" cover, Elgort told MTV's Josh Horowitz that he didn't have time to ask the La La Land star because he was too busy freaking the fuck out. "I met him backstage," Elgort said. "I got a photo with him, and I posted it on my Instagram. ... Very calm. Very casual. I was freaking out the entire time."

Elgort hopes to follow in Gosling's footsteps with a movie musical of his own one of these days. But if Gosling's not available to field Elgort's questions, his Oscar-winning bro (and Baby Driver co-star) Jamie Foxx is always one Instagram message away.

"He's hilarious. The nicest guy," Elgort said of working with Foxx in Edgar Wright's new adrenaline-pumping flick. "He's like, you have those friends that comment on every Instagram you post. Just funny and nice things. He's that guy! More so than anyone else I know, he comments on all my posts, just being like, 'Young legend.'"

Wow. If the Ansolo moniker doesn't work out, Elgort could always fall back on Young Legend. Or Yung Legend. You have to admit it has a nice ring to it.