Nick Cannon Is ThisClose To Finding The Next Wild 'N Out Star

Here's a chance to review the 'So You Wanna Wild Out?' finalists and vote for your favorite

For the past five weeks, Nick Cannon and the rest of the Wild 'N Out gang have showcased their search for a bright new star to join the MTV series. Before we find out which guy or gal will join the beloved improv program for Season 9, it's time to review the last "So You Wanna Wild Out?” competitors standing (before they take the stage one last time this Thursday night). Drum roll (a la Drumline), please:

  1. Blake (#WNOBlake)
  2. Bonnie (#WNOBonnie)
  3. Fearless (#WNOFearless)
  4. Tori (#WNOTori)
  5. Natalia (#WNONatalia)

Who will don the championship belt? Tell us your pick, and share your favorites before the final showdown using the hashtags above (the competitor who receives the most social love will get an advantage before the big extravaganza). And don't miss the conclusion of this event, as well as a brand-new WNO episode this Thursday starting at 9/8c!