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Zayn Likes His New Single So Much He Apparently Got A Tattoo About It

But what do the numbers mean?

A week after dropping his new song with PartynNextDoor, Zayn may have already memorialized the single on his skin.

The singer appears to have added an enigmatic cipher to his ink gallery. He shared a photo on Instagram of his arm newly bearing the characters "SGT 2 4 17."

"SGT" looks like it stands for "Still Got Time," the first new solo single Zayn's dropped since the release of his debut album, Mind of Mine. "2 4 17" seems like a date — April 2 (in British formatting), which was yesterday.

The date led some fans to speculate that Zayn was about to drop the song's video on Sunday, but unfortunately, April 2 has come and gone. Did he just inscribe the date he got the tattoo? Did he forget to drop the video yesterday? Zayn's a mysterious guy and we may never know the answers, but we're keeping an eye on his Vevo channel all the same.