Disney / DreamWorks

Beauty And The Beast Finally Met Its Box Office Match In The Boss Baby

Belle vs. the voice of Alec Baldwin

Beauty and the Beast had no problem trouncing the Power Rangers at the box office last weekend, but it looks like moviegoers were very interested in seeing a screaming, blond, suited infant with tiny hands make a mess on the big screen — The Boss Baby beat the Disney giant in its first weekend in theaters.

The DreamWorks animated feature brought in a cool $15.5 million on its opening night, trouncing Ghost in the Shell — which made off with about $7.7 million — and bumping Beauty and the Beast from the top spot for the first time since its March 17 premiere.

The Boss Baby is projected to make $50 million before the close of the weekend, with Beauty and the Beast set to clear $48 million behind it.

The verdict: People are super into spending a couple of hours watching Scarlett Johannson kick butt and Emma Watson dance around with silverware, but not as much as they're into the idea of Alec Baldwin voicing a way-too-mature-for-his-own-good baby.