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Michelle Branch’s Dreamy New Song Is A Breakup Waiting To Happen

A ‘Fault Line’ is a dangerous place

In exactly one week, Michelle Branch will drop her hotly anticipated Hopeless Romantic, the comeback album fans have been waiting for since 2003's Hotel Paper. It's about damn time. Fortunately, you don't have to wait till April 7 for new music. She's already released three songs from the LP: "Hopeless Romantic," "Best You Ever," and now "Fault Line."

"Truly, the album is all songs about romantic relationships," Branch recently told MTV News. "It runs the gamut from breakup songs to finding love [and] dating. It's all over the map."

"Fault Line" covers what happens after the honeymoon stage ends — when love either grows deeper or begins to falter. Like an earthquake destroying a city, these lyrics speak to the cracks that slowly form in a crumbling relationship.

"I started writing this record fresh out of an almost 11-year marriage. I was newly divorced, dating for the first time since I was a teenager," Branch revealed. She ended up falling in love with The Black Keys's Patrick Carney, who produced the album with her, creating a "circle of trust" in the studio.

"I think people around us realized it maybe before we even did, because we were so focused on the work. But now it just adds an extra layer — it's like a cone of safety. We're not afraid to give each other ideas."