Are You The One: Second Chances Shocker: [SPOILER] Was The First Perfect Match To Steal

Guess who's now $20,000 richer

It was only a matter of time, but we didn't expect it to be so darn soon. The first Are You The One: Second Chances player to bite the betrayal bullet and choose "steal" was (*drumroll, please*)... Francesca, who turned on her partner Gio. And you better believe this strategic move generated a big ol' reaction from their fellow PMs...

So why did Fran make such a bold decision? Blame it on Gio's temper. After he watched his on-again off-again hookup Alicia flirt with her PM Mike and Asaf, wounds from his Season 4 breakup with Kaylen (R.I.P. Kayvanni) were clearly reopened. He reacted by attacking anyone and everyone in his path -- and when a teary-eyed Francesca failed to pluck a dead chicken in record time (*gag*) during the mission, the house hothead dubbed her as "weak" and a "ball and chain." And that was the beginning of the end for Fran.

"I can tell his head isn't in the game," she said. "I'm just not okay risking it, doing any more missions and possibly getting last. Being connected with someone who is acting like a loose cannon is terrifying."

Fast forward to "The Choice," where the housemates unanimously voted the Season 4 alums into elimination due to the latter's explosive tendencies. At that point, G's partner had made up her mind: "If Gio continues to be an assh*le and that's the reason why we are voted into elimination, I'm pressing 'steal' no matter what."

Done and done. Fran basically lied through her perfect teeth in order to secure the $20,000, stating a faux desire to stay in the game and showing excitement at a future with Gio. When Gio surprisingly selected "share," granting his PM the cash and a dual exit, he showed a humble and honest side.

"I may be leaving here with no money, but I have the opportunity to go home and start talking to someone, a psychiatrist, maybe a program," the Connecticut native admitted. "I want to get better, and I'm man enough to say I need help."

But should Francesca have given her perfect match another shot? Or do you think she made the right choice by going the "steal" route? Sound off with your opinion, and catch a new episode next Wednesday at 9/8c.

Editor's Note: If you or someone you know is struggling with anger issues, visit for ways to get help.