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Wonder Woman Director Isn’t Afraid To Make Her Hero Vulnerable

Actor Chris Pine tells MTV News he signed on to ‘Wonder Woman’ after hearing Patty Jenkins's 15-minute pitch

Aside from the popular '70s television series starring Lynda Carter as Diana Prince, there has yet to be another Wonder Woman adaptation on our screens, big or small. Until now. Patty Jenkins's Wonder Woman, out June 2, is the first film adaptation of the iconic superhero ever — and Wonder Woman is 75 years old. (Meanwhile, we've watched Thomas and Martha Wayne get murdered at least 1,236 times.)

But the fact that Wonder Woman is the first of its kind — the first female-led superhero film since 2005's critically maligned Elektra, the first female-led superhero film directed by a woman, the first chance for Warner Bros. and DC to change the narrative of the DC cinematic universe — didn't deter Jenkins from making the movie that she wanted to make. In fact, Jenkins didn't feel any pressure bringing Princess Diana of Themyscira to the big screen.

"I love Wonder Woman. I'm so excited to be the one who gets to bring her to the big screen, and I'm so surprised that it was such a hard process for her to get there," Jenkins told MTV's Josh Horowitz on the CinemaCon carpet on Wednesday (March 29). "That's been the nicest thing about being a woman director, is that I don't think about it. Whereas I think if you're directing something very different than you, you might actually think, 'Can we do that?' I don't. She can be weak. She can laugh. She can be funny. She can be vulnerable. She can be in love. She's my main character."

As for actor Chris Pine, who plays Steve Trevor opposite Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, he was so taken with Jenkins's "super-decisive vision" of the film and the world that he signed on to the project without even having read the script.

"Patty was so clear," he said. "She gave me a 15-minute pitch of the movie and the world, and it was so hyper-vivid that — and I never do this — even without a script, I was like, 'I'll go follow this woman into battle.'"