The Shocking Conclusion To Our Search For The Queen Of Gross

All hail Tina Belcher

Four weeks ago, we embarked on a quest to find the TV character that best embodies the remarkable and groundbreaking epoch of female body comedy in which we live. Last Friday, in asking our readers to choose between finalists Liz Lemon and Tina Belcher, we offered you the chance to determine the spirit of that body humor. By an overwhelming margin, the people have spoken: middle-schooler Tina is our new body-comedy queen. May her awkward, curious, shame-free, butt-adoring reign be a long one.

And may she be an inspiration to us all. Tina doesn’t have the worldly experience of her competitors, but she doesn’t share their disappointments either — and perhaps that’s why MTV Nation kept rooting for her. A self-described “smart, strong, sensual woman,” Tina possesses the sexual confidence and optimism we all wish we had. That faith in her lust has led her to date a ghost, fantasize about zombies, introduce her younger sister to boy bands, try capoeira (a.k.a. Brazilian “sexy dance fighting”), and take over a classmate’s bat mitzvah in pursuit of BFOS, or boys from other schools. Puberty came at Tina hard — and she decided to ride it out and enjoy herself the best she could. Now, if only she could meet someone much more deserving than the self-absorbed Jimmy Jr. to channel all that girly lasciviousness toward.