Mandy Moore Is Visibly Horrified By This ‘Morbid’ Tangled-Frozen Fan Theory

Her face says it all

You've probably heard of that Disney fan theory that connects Frozen sisters Anna and Elsa to Tarzan, but have you heard about the one that suggests the king and queen of Arendelle died while en route to Corona for Rapunzel and Flynn's wedding? Because it exists, and it's currently terrifying the voice of Tangled's Repunzel, Mandy Moore.

Speaking with TV Line, Moore was horrified to learn about the popular, albeit morbid, Disney fan theory, before she debunked it: "There is no connection — as far as I know."

According to this theory, Repunzel and Flynn are seen at Elsa's coronation in Frozen because Elsa and Anna's parents died when their ship crashed on the way to Rapunzel and Flynn's wedding in Tangled Ever After. (I guess attending a teen girl's coronation is the honorable thing to do when your wedding caused the death of her parents.) Of course, the darkest timeline would also imply that Repunzel is a few years older than Elsa.

Back in 2015, MTV News spoke to Frozen codirector Chris Buck to get his take on another popular offshoot of this theory that suggests that Tarzan is Anna and Elsa's brother. You see, Anna and Elsa's parents didn't die at sea. Instead, they survived the shipwreck and washed up on the shore of a jungle, where the queen gave birth to a baby boy before she and her husband were killed by a leopard. Sound familiar? That's the prologue of Buck's other Disney film, Tarzan — and, yes, he does like to believe they're all connected (in his heart).

"I say, whatever people want to believe, go for it," Buck said. "If you want to tie them all together, then do it. That's the spirit of Disney."

So there you have it: fan theories, like Disney magic, live on in our hearts.