Gianna Hammer's Instagram/Angela Fach Photography

Are You The One? Sweethearts: Here Are Hayden And Gianna's Most Lovey-Dovey Photos

The 'Second Chances' cast member and his girlfriend aren't hiding their romance any longer

Hayden may be getting a second chance with his perfect Are You the One? match Carolina, but this duo won't be reigniting the romantic spark they had in the Dominican Republic.

"Gianna and I have a very strong relationship," the Midwesterner said during this week's premiere episode of his current girlfriend (who also happens to share a mutual love of corn). "I'm here in Australia, and she's actually back home apartment shopping for us."

And if you take one peek at Hayden and Gianna's Instagram accounts, you'll see these two are not hiding their lurve for each other. In honor of the MTV sweethearts, take a look at their best PDA pics below -- and catch Hayden every Wednesday on Are You the One: Second Chances at 9/8c.

  1. Romance under wraps (because Are You the One? hadn't aired yet)
  2. "Love Wins"
  3. Proudly flashing that "appreciation ring"
  4. Sweeping this lady off of her feet
  5. #hesperfect (even if the TB said they weren't a PM!)
  6. Appropriate red attire for Valentine's Day
  7. Shamrocks galore
  8. The real "us" (and a This Is Us reference)