Sneak Peek: The Next Are You The One: Second Chances Mission Might Freak You Out

Just ask those shrieking perfect matches

The Are You the One: Second Chances games are meant to test each perfect match's bond -- and this week's mission is really going to challenge the cast (pun very much intended).

In a sneak peek of Wednesday's brand-new episode, one member of every AYTO team has a cast (broken bones?!) on his or her arms/legs, and the other person is tasked with removing said plaster structures off of their partner's body parts in order to obtain a clue. While some folks are calm (like Carolina, who declares she "trusts" Hayden), one contestant is having a conniption.

"What the f*ck is Morgan about to do?!" Tori screams in the clip above as her partner readies the sharp blade (that sound). "Ahhh!"

How will the guys and gals fare during this risky effort? Watch part of it unfold in the video -- and don't miss Are You the One: Second Chances tomorrow night at 9/8c!