Love And Betrayal: Here's What Will Happen On Are You The One: Second Chances

Judging by this sneak peek, it's going to be a romantic (and wild) ride

To quote "puppet master" Devin, "let's go" -- Are You the One: Second Chances edition.

According to the clip above, a whole lot is going to unfold this season on the Are You the One? spinoff. Couples are going to "re-explore things" (is more whipped cream in Torgan's future?), and we have some "soulmates" in the house (what a declaration, courtesy of Asaf).

But it isn't all roses and unicorns under this Melbourne roof. From Mikameron fighting to Gio screeching "these motherf*ckers can't f*ck with me," there's going to be a lot a bit of clashing. Oh, and Ellie.

"You're wound up in vaginas!" the lovable Southerner screams at her PM Nate. Quote of 2017, calling it right now...

Catch the video in its entirety above, share your thoughts on this unique AYTO gang and be sure to catch Second Chances every Wednesday at 9/8c!