Should Adam Trust Shanley On Are You The One: Second Chances?

The Season 1 OG's 'joke' about stealing made her seem a little shady

Trust is the cornerstone of any partnership, be it with your bestie, your bae or your Boom Boom Room hookup. Are You The One: Second Chances has taken that sentiment to a whole other level with the ultimate dependability test, "The Choice" -- and Adam and Shanley were the Week 2 victims during tonight's episode.

A bit of background on the two, since we haven't seen 'em in a while: The Season 1 OGs have remained friends for the better part of four years, but Shanley made it preeeetty clear that she's not above screwing over Adam if it means she'll go home with a little cash. Case in point: The unemployed Indianapolis native claimed she was "just kidding" when she threatened to steal, but the damage had already been done.

The Second Chances cast didn't exactly take Shanley's awkward "joke" with a grain of salt, quickly voting the pair into the hot seat in the hopes of saving last-place couple Nate and Ellie from elimination. Cue a jaw-drop from Devin, who — thanks to Medusa Tori — thought Hayden and Carolina were getting another ride on the betrayal bus.

Everyone was thrown for a loop when Shanley and Adam both agreed to share their winnings, leaving them in the game and sending Nate and Ellie packing. But there are several more opportunities to choose, mind you, which might grant Chris T.'s former flame another shot at stabbing her BFF in the back.

What does Adam think? The blue-eyed hunk admits he trusts his pal "100%." While she chose "share" this time, Shanley could be hoping to build up their bank before running the ol' bait-and-switch on her partner later... or perhaps she really does value friendship over finances.

Time will tell where Shanley's true motives lie, but until then, do you think Adam's partner is two-faced or trustworthy? Sound off in the comments, and catch an all-new episode next Wednesday at 9/8c.