Larry Busacca/Getty Images for TIDAL + Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Adele Gloriously Fails At Her Beyoncé Impression But We Love Her Anyway

Fans are hard

No one does windswept — even when the wind is kicked up with the help of a floor fan pointed directly at her — quite like Beyoncé.

Adele tried. It didn't go so well, but thankfully the singer and card-carrying member of the Bey Hive was able to crack a joke at her own expense in the process.

At a concert in Melbourne, Australia on March 18, Adele took a breather during her set to cool off in front of the fan at the foot of her stage. Mug of tea in hand, she crouched down in front of the machine and started singing the refrain of "Crazy in Love," and set about copying Bey's blustery moves.

A couple of hair tosses later, and she wasn't entirely pleased with her own attempt: "How does she do it!?"

Bless her for trying and for clearly committing to the hair-flip. The only way to attempt a Bey impression at all is to do so at full throttle, and that can't be easy in an evening gown, so plus 10 points for you, Adele.