Three's A Crowd: Should Alicia Pursue Gio — And Not Mike — On Are You The One: Second Chances?

Seems the New Jersey native has found her (other) perfect match

Alicia notoriously came between not one but two Are You the One? couples (Kam and Edward and Hannah and Ozzy) — and the New Jersey native is up to her old tricks on Second Chances.

During the series' premiere, Alicia was quick to trade in her PM Mike for Season 4 token hothead Gio.

"I think me and Gio are very similar," Alicia admitted. "If me and him were in the same season, honestly, we might have been a perfect match together."

Hey, you toss 10 kinda-sorta couples in a house together with an abundance of booze and beds, and scientifically compatible pairs might get cozy with other folks...

Cue Gio — who coincidentally tried to come between Stephen and Julia — planting one on Alicia right in front of Mike, following his streak-fest through the winners' suite.

Poor, heartbroken Mike. Doesn't the Staten Island resident (and his chesticles) deserve a shot at love too? After all, he did sweetly refer to Alicia as "the hottest girl in the house." Or is Alicia right to "follow her heart" and pursue forbidden fruit of seasons past — aka Gio — despite having perfect-match potential with Mike? Sound off in the comments, and watch more developments surrounding this Second Chances trio Wednesday at 9/8c!