Testing Their Are You The One Bond: See The Second Chances Couples In Action

Hookups, shocking confessions and a whole lot of yelling

Ten fan-favorite Are You the One? perfect matches are about to find out the ultimate answer to a trademark question associated with the MTV matchmaking series: Do they still suck at relationships?

In a sneak peek from Are You the One: Second Chances, 20 men and women spanning from Seasons 1-5 will travel to Melbourne, Australia to test their perfect-match compatibility -- and dig deeper into their previously forged connections like never before. Forget the stress of "locking in": we have a whole new type of game on our hands.

"This house is gonna make or break us," Cameron tells his girlfriend Mikala. Uh-oh...

But there's more: There are missions to test their bond (like holding rats), playful flirting (Morgan with the whipped cream again), screaming matches (Ellie letting Nate HAVE IT) and a sexual dream.

To find out who's feeling more than a friendship-level attraction to her partner, watch the entertaining clip. And do not miss the series premiere of Are You the One: Second Chances on Wednesday at 9/8c!