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Rachel Bilson Ran Into An Old Friend From The O.C.

They traded California for ‘Nashville’

Summer's not in the O.C. anymore. Actress Rachel Bilson recently confirmed that she'll be traveling to Nashville for Season 5 of the CMT show, and though there's no word on exactly when the drama returns to air, she'll be joining a fellow O.C. alum on set. [Note: CMT and MTV News are both owned by Viacom.]

We don't know the details, but their reunion should tide you over for now. Bilson recently met up with Nashville's Chris Carmack, who played Luke Ward on The O.C. — y'know, the guy who dated Marissa Cooper, then started hooking up with her mom — and shared the photo on Instagram. Casual.

"Welcome to Nashville B****," Bilson hilariously captioned their reunion pic, "This is how it's done in Tennessee." As Bilson's post should remind you, Luke was also the dude who arrogantly declared, "Welcome to the O.C., bitch!" in that show's pilot episode. Bilson's caption is a proper greeting, indeed.


Nashville, here we come ...