Who Would These Are You The One? Couples Swing With In The Boom Boom Room?

Apparently, the duos from Second Chances share and share alike

It won't be long (tonight!!) before 20 memorable Are You the One? alums begin their Second Chances journey. Goodbye, light beams and hello, share/steal strategy!

But before the 10 perfect matches (from Seasons 1-5) take their marks and race for the top title and some loot to boot, these fun-loving pairs (haven't you missed them?) are answering some pressing questions. Like why they think they were deemed compatible by our matchmaking experts (a mutual love of partying for Adam and Shanley, for example), how they would describe their biggest weaknesses in a relationship (always blunt, Devin!) and which fellow casties they would want to swing with -- because, of course (Mike and Alicia are ready to take one couple to the Boom Boom Room right now).

Watch the duos tell all in the clips below -- and do not miss the series premiere of Are You the One: Second Chances tonight at 9/8c!

Shanley and Adam

Ellie and Nathan

Rashida and Devin

Kaylen and Asaf

Mikala and Cameron

Tori and Morgan

Francesca and Gio

Alicia and Mike

Casandra and Derrick

Carolina and Hayden