Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Louis Tomlinson Sings Over A Young Couple’s Love Journey In ‘Just Hold On’ Video

And Steve Aoki makes a cameo, too

Steve Aoki and One Direction's Louis Tomlinson kicked off 2017 by dropping their joint banger "Just Hold On" and performing it on both The Tonight Show in the U.S. and (in December) The X Factor in the U.K. On Wednesday (March 8), we got our first look at the song's globetrotting official video, and it's about as escapist and hopeful as the title suggests.

The video follows a young couple as they hop through portals and trek all over the world Jumper-style, including stops at a London club, in a Las Vegas casino (and a quickie-wedding kiosk), and along a glowing Kuwait highway. Neon lighting and plenty of shaky-cam shots give the vid a loose and carefree vibe — something like, "Tonight, we are young, so let's set the world on fire," perhaps — and Aoki pops up briefly from behind his turntable for a quick cameo.

Tomlinson's personage, sadly, is nowhere to be found (it's just his golden voice). But considering that "Just Hold On" is his debut solo single, we'll hopefully only have to wait until his next music video to see him again. Watch it above.