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Lea Michele Returns With Her First Original Song In Three Years

Rachel Berry is back

Lea Michele's powerful voice hasn't wavered a bit since her 2014 debut Louder. On Friday (March 3), fans finally got a taste of her new music with "Love Is Alive," the first single off her sophomore album, Places, due out this spring.

"I'm so proud of this song," the Scream Queens star tweeted. "It's so special to me. No matter what you go through in life, love is a blessing and brings you so much joy. I hope you all love this song and [it] means as much to you as it does to me! ❤ "

The piano-heavy track puts Michele's sky-high vocals front and center, which makes sense given her incredible range. (Glee fans can attest to that.) "Love Is Alive" also evokes Michele's Broadway roots, so it's no wonder she filmed this teaser on a theater stage.

Stay tuned to find out if Places earns a standing ovation.