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Ed Sheeran Has Two Hangover Cures You Can Try This Weekend

He admits beer is his ‘poison’

Ed Sheeran may have the No. 1 song in the country, but unfortunately for him that honor doesn't come with an immunity to hangovers. In a new interview with BBC, the Divide singer got real about why beer is his "poison," which leads to some "quite bad" hangovers.

"Beer is my biggest poison because beer puts on the most weight, and I can really guzzle beer," he admitted, responding to diet and lifestyle questions that relate to the literal "Shape of You." He reportedly lost 50 pounds by abandoning beer for a while, but he couldn't stay away forever.

"Now I tend to have one beer then move to spirits," he continued, "rather than drinking beer all night."

As for the morning after, he's heard of at least two suggestions that could (at least marginally) improve that pounding headache: a full pint of water before bed (duh!) and a cup of flat Sprite in the morning.

It's unclear if either of these remedies helped Justin Bieber feel any better after Ed drunkenly whacked him in the face with a golf club.