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Watch Jaden Smith Grapple With Brain-Bending Facts About The Universe

Jaden can’t handle the truth

Jaden Smith is one of the world’s foremost young philosophers, as proven time and time again by his eccentric tweets. So who better than Jaden to blow your mind with a string of insane facts about the universe that’ll make you question everything you thought you knew?

The 18-year-old actor and musician was recently named a “style star” to watch by Vanity Fair. During his photo shoot with the mag, he sat down to read some shocking truths about the human brain, outer space, and human existence in general.

“On Saturn and Jupiter, it rains diamonds,” Jaden explains in the vid, before shaking his head and asking, “How?” He’s equally perplexed by such facts as “You were once the youngest person in existence” and “50 percent of human DNA is shared with a banana.” Indeed, life is a riddle, and not even young Jaden has all the answers.