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Even Chance The Rapper Has A Super-Regrettable Tattoo

Watch him reveal his ‘stupid’ chest ink

Chance the Rapper is only human, so of course he has a regrettable tattoo that he vehemently avoids showing off in public. But Katie Couric’s charms are apparently enough to get Chano to cave, as proved by the pair’s revealing new interview.

Chano recently sat down with Couric at landmark Chicago eatery Harold’s Chicken Shack, where they munched on fried chicken while discussing everything from gun violence in Chicago to his signature “3” hat. When Couric politely asked about Chance’s one and only tattoo, the Coloring Book MC agreed to show it on-camera and share the story behind it.

“It’s so stupid, I hate it. No one’s seen it,” he told Couric, while lifting his shirt to reveal the “get back to work” tattoo that sits above his heart. “It’s a backward tattoo. It’s a mirror tattoo, which is a concept I created. Basically, it’s a reminder that I’m not doing enough.”

Chance got the tattoo “on a whim” during a trip in Germany just two years ago, when he was 21. “It’s so stupid. I hate it now,” he said. “It’s like, why did I get this? Definitely not getting any more tattoos.”

Relax, Chance, you're doing fine. You may have a regrettable tattoo, but you also have three Grammys, which is more than the rest of us can say.