Ryan Gosling Was The Internet Bae Of The Oscars, Of Course

His perfect, memeable reaction face took the Twittersphere by storm

Ryan Gosling may not have taken home the Oscar for Best Actor, but the La La Land star still had a lovely night at the 2017 Academy Awards. With his sister, Mandi, as his date, Gosling owned the red carpet and had several sweet moments during the (basically) 17-hour award show. And of course, his priceless reaction face — memeable as always — definitely didn't go unnoticed.

  1. When he showed up on the red carpet and everyone died, pretty much
    Christopher Polk/Getty Images
  2. And people wondered why his wax figure couldn't have looked like this instead
    George Pimentel/FilmMagic
  3. His tux did raise eyebrows, though, because of its ruffled squiggly lines
  4. He managed a brief Mickey Mouse Club reunion with his former roommate and co-star Justin Timberlake

    Timberlake stopped by Gosling during his "Can't Stop the Feeling" performance, and fans went nuts. Guess this "we're not great pals" business is now a thing of the past?

  5. And he once again became a meme in front of our very eyes

    "Whispering Ryan Gosling" became a thing after a bus full of lucky tourists crashed the Oscars and got to meet the stars. Gary from Chicago's fiancée quickly became the envy of everyone in the world.

  6. Then, it was time to read a mean tweet in front of millions
  7. Gosling gave Emma Stone the sweetest look when she won the Oscar for Best Actress
  8. At the end, he summed up everyone's emotions during the Grest Oscars Envelope Fiasco of 2017
  9. But after all the mania ended, Gosling still managed to keep it classy