Are You The One? Rewind: How The Second Chances Couples Became Perfect Matches

Before the dating series' spin-off premieres, let's remember why each twosome was deemed compatible

Let the games begin -- Are You the One? spin-off style.

Are You the One: Second Chances will pit 10 confirmed perfect matches against each other until only one couple remains. Why, yes, fan favorites from the hit dating series are returning to MTV!

But before these 20 guys and gals test their connections, it's time for a refresher on how they came to be. A journey back to their respective seasons, if you will. Smooches, inability to get out of platonic land and much more.

Reminisce about the 7/10 pairs (we can't reveal 3 teams from Season 5, because spoilers), and stay with MTV News for more coverage leading up to the premiere of Are You the One: Second Chances on Wednesday, March 22 at 9/8c! And, of course, watch the season finale of AYTO this Wednesday at 9/8c.

  1. Shanley and Adam

    The OGs never really got a chance to become anything more than friends because she was smitten with Chris T (remember her epic meltdown when he was one foot out the door to the Honeymoon Suite with Paige?). Even though there was no physical relationship between the two, Shanley did admit that she and Adam had "a lot of similarities."

  2. Ellie and Nathan

    These two could not exit the friend zone -- specifically, the sassy Southerner had eyes for recently ousted Challenge competitor Anthony, while the emotional nice guy was hung up on Shelby and then his future Rivals 3 partner Christina.

  3. Rashida and Devin

    All together now: Rashiiiiida! These two didn't click on an intimate level (ahem: the puppet master was a bit busy with Kiki), but they sure did know how to have a good time together (like during the getaway date above).

  4. Mikala and Cameron

    Mikameron were the earliest confirmed PM in the series' history -- not a complete surprise since their attraction was immediate. Their TB moment (relive it above) is most definitely one to remember.

  5. Tori and Morgan

    These New Yorkers had some sparks -- nothing more romantic than a makeout sesh under the stars (peep it above). But they didn't go the distance in the real world: Tori briefly dated Morgan's roommate/former AYTO and Real World: Bad Blood roomie Mike.

  6. Francesca and Gio

    Even though these two did hook up, they spent the majority of their time in paradise pining over other folks. Francesca had a tough time getting over Asaf, while Gio bounced from a strong connection with Kaylen to falling head over heels for Julia.

  7. Kaylen and Asaf

    The Israeli and the Cali native had some great conversations -- but as the previous couple description explains, both were a wee bit preoccupied during their last rodeo on this network.