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Ed Sheeran’s New Song Proves He Hasn’t Lost Touch With His Romantic Side

‘How Would You Feel (Paean)’ comes out on his 26th birthday

Ed Sheeran turns 26 today, and to celebrate another year of cranking out tunes, he's let loose a new one from his forthcoming album, Divide.

After the dance pop of "Shape of You" and the anthemic rock of "Castle on the Hill," "How Would You Feel (Paean)" marks a return to Sheeran's classic balladeering. It's another slow, sweet love song from the singer's seemingly inexhaustible supply of romantic vibes.

In addition to crooning like a pro, Sheeran also gets to flex his guitar chops on the new track, which features a nimble acoustic riff and a super-smooth electric solo. He's also released a live video version of the song in which he duets with a pianist and hits a few extra-high notes.

It's good to know that he hasn't completely reinvented himself for this album.