Your DCOM Boyfriend Has A New Rom-Com Out Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

Ryan Merriman stars in ‘2 Years of Love’

Remember how head over heels ~in love~ you were with Ryan Merriman in the Disney Channel Original Movies Smart House, The Luck of the Irish, and A Ring of Endless Light? Well, it's time to rekindle your relationship, because his new movie, 2 Years of Love, is out now.

Merriman teased the news on Instagram Monday (February 13), calling it a "[p]erfect movie for the big day tomorrow" — meaning Valentine's Day, obviously — and instructing us to "#cuddle up and enjoy."

The film follows Samantha (Kayla Ewell) and John (Merriman) as they deal with the pressures of having a child. Though Samantha thinks her biological clock is ticking and wants a baby now, John is hesitant. Feeling as if he can't communicate with his wife like he used to, John becomes an anonymous caller to Samantha's radio show, hoping for relationship pointers. Check out the cute trailer above.