Someone Wore A "Make America Great Again" Dress To The Grammys

What in the ???

It's Grammys night, which is exciting! A lot of your favorite stars are there! Beyoncé, most likely! Rihanna, maybe! A lot of people you've never heard of! D- and Z-list celebrities drawn in by the gravitational pull of the cameras and red carpet! They're also there!

One of those WHOs has made an early bid for infamy with her style choice for the evening — and you know what, we're taking the goddamn bait. This is Joy Villa.

What, you might be asking yourself, is so offensive about this boring white cloak, paired with a gaudy flower and modeled by a self-described (on Wikipedia) singer / songwriter / actress / model / health writer / producer / fashion designer? Well.

This fishtail nightmare of a dress is what Joy Villa has chosen to wear to the Grammys. The fit is an absolute disaster, the seams don't line up, it's over-accessorized, and it says "Make America Great Again!" on the front.

And "TRUMP" across the back.

Here you go, Joy Villa. Here is the attention you so desperately crave. Enjoy it.