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Just Go With It Star Bailee Madison Shares What The Characters Are Up To Today

Everyone now lives in Hawaii, apparently

What could be better than tricking Adam Sandler into giving you and your family a free vacation to Hawaii? Literally nothing, and that's just what happened for Bailee Madison's character in the rom-com Just Go With It.

Yesterday (February 11) marked the film's 6th anniversary — and star Jennifer Aniston's birthday — and Madison shared a throwback pic on Instagram to celebrate. "There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of the priceless memories that were made on this set," the 17-year-old actress wrote. "My heart will forever be touched and thankful."

She also shared her theory as to what became of the characters after the movie ended. In case you need a refresher, Sandler and Aniston's characters married, while Brooklyn Decker's character found a new beau.

Madison felt that her character, Maggie — a budding actress — now "owns her own pop-up acting studio." The first lesson she teaches is probably to shout, "DIE" if anyone doesn't go with the flow during improv exercises. Meanwhile, Madison thought her movie brother, Griffin Gluck (Michael), a kid obsessed with swimming with dolphins in Hawaii, "is the captain of the swim team and bakes dolphin cookies on the regular."

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Unsurprisingly, Danny (Sandler) and Katherine (Aniston) are still married, with Madison describing Danny as "the best stepdad." Her mom is still a spin class fiend, "only this time while eating M&M's" — referencing a line from the movie about Katherine taking "spinning classes like they're M&M's."

Fake sheep shipper Eddie (Nick Swardson) probably hasn't changed all that much from his kooky self, TBH. Madison just assumed he "is ... still Eddie," while claiming Palmer (Decker) swings by their house whenever because they're a unique family. She also admits everyone resides in Hawaii — which, if wealthy plastic surgeon Danny is paying for everything again, sounds like a sweet deal.