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Jordan Peele Reveals That Method Man Was Haunted By A ‘Night Hag’

Disclosure: We are only 68 percent sure this is a photo of a night hag

Jordan Peele's latest interview with GQ is brilliant for multiple reasons, as the conversation touches on everything from the level of detail that went into the concept and creation of Get Out, his forthcoming horror flick, to Trump's "cowardly and evil" travel ban, to the "renaissance of untapped voices that's happening in the entertainment industry right now" that he's so proud to be a part of.

He also recalled that one ghost tour he went on with Method Man that involved the rapper's "night hag" problem because, y'know, normal.

While Peele and GQ's Caity Weaver spend the bulk of their chat talking about the themes of Get Out and the difficult conversations that spring up when confronting scenarios in which one feels "racially isolated," as he puts it, the chat unwinds after Tyra Banks and her fear of dolphins comes up. Next thing you know, talk of the horror movie turns to talk of straight horror, and all of a sudden Peele is sharing stories from that time he and the Keanu cast went on a ghost tour in New Orleans and Method Man offered up one freaky personal experience to the group.

"I want to believe in ghosts," he told GQ.

"I love ghost stories. We were shooting Keanu in New Orleans, and the whole cast went on this ghost tour, led by this sexy, swarthy guy. Like, 'If these streets could talk, they’d tell some pretty scary stories. But you probably don’t want to hear about that ...' I was looking over at Method Man like, 'Oh my god, I brought a member of the Wu-Tang Clan to this fucking ghost tour. He’s going to hate it.' At the end of the tour, Method Man raises his hand. I was like, 'Oh, here it comes.' He goes, 'Sometimes I wake up and I feel something sitting on my chest. What is it?' And I’m thinking, It’s blunts, it’s blunts, stop smoking blunts. But the tour guide is like, [nodding] 'That’s going to be a night hag.'"

So, there you have it: If you wake up in the middle of the night and feel a heavy weight pressing down on you, chances are you're hanging out with a night hag.

Anyways, go see Get Out when it hits theaters on February 24.