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Hilary Duff Is Now ‘Grateful’ For A Body Part She ‘Didn’t Always Love’

Even stars get self-conscious

Hilary Duff has come a long way since her Lizzie McGuire bra-shopping days. But while her Disney Channel character felt self-conscious about her chest, Duff stressed over a different body part: her legs.

"I didn't always love my legs," the Younger star revealed on Instagram Thursday (February 2). "But as I've grown, I've learned to love and celebrate myself, just as I am. I began to realize that my legs are STRONG and they carry me every. single. day. Our bodies are amazing and something to be grateful for. I'm ME and that's really enough!"

Her post was in partnership with Aerie, a store that no longer photoshops the models in their ads. Clearly Duff's a fan of their body-positive message, and she doesn't shy away from sharing candid shots of herself.

Thanks for keeping it real, Hil!