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Daisy Ridley Fends Off More Star Wars Questions From Her Nosy Co-Star


Disney recently revealed the title of its upcoming Star Wars sequel, The Last Jedi, but beyond that, intel about Episode 8 is irritatingly scant. Enter Josh Gad (a.k.a. Frozen's Olaf), who’s been doing the people’s work by trying to get his Murder on the Orient Express co-star Daisy Ridley (a.k.a. Star Wars’s Rey) to give us some Last Jedi scoop.

Last week, Gad ambushed Ridley on set and shared an amusing video of the resulting encounter. Unsurprisingly, Ridley didn’t give anything up, standing her ground while he persistently interrogated her about who “the last Jedi” is (or are).

That didn't stop Gad from trying a second time, though. In a new video posted on Facebook, Gad apologizes to Ridley for cornering her, and then hands her fake Orient Express rewrites. The new “script” asks Ridley to answer questions like “Who are Rey’s parents?” and “Is Finn paralyzed from the waist down?”

It went about as well as you’d think.