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Michelle Branch’s Comeback Single Is Anything But ‘Hopeless’

Her new album drops April 7

Given how thoroughly hypnotizing her latest single is, it's hard to believe that Michelle Branch would ever, ever feel like a "Hopeless Romantic" — yet here we are, hitting repeat on the title track for her forthcoming album and taking every lyric for what it's worth, which is a whole lot right now.

If the energy of her Carlos Santana collab "The Game of Love" did it for you, the slow, sultry vibe of "Hopeless Romantic" makes for a great foil. This one gives us the polar opposite of the major chords and effervescent, singalong chorus we're used to hearing from her. Listen to the track over at Billboard.

Here, Branch is languid and reflective as she mulls over the repercussions one faces after they've fallen for someone — and hard: "Everything is dangerous when it's just the two of us / Jumping in over our heads." We've all been there.

This marks Branch's first release since 2010's Everything Comes and Goes EP, and it's been even longer since a full-length came our way: Hotel Paper came out in 2003, so we're long overdue for the thoughtful pop-rock that hooked us the first time we heard "Everywhere." Her dude, Patrick Carney of the Black Keys, lent a hand to the production of the record, so expect more of these blues-laden riffs in Branch's eagerly anticipated next chapter.