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Mandy Moore And Zachary Levi Are Still Relationship Goals On Tangled

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider are back on 'Tangled: The Series'

Grab your hair and pet chameleon, because Tangled is returning in an all-new series on Disney Channel. Tangled: The Series will premiere March 24, two weeks after the DCOM Tangled: Before Ever After airs.

To get fans pumped for the series, Mandy Moore (Rapunzel) and Zachary Levi (Flynn Rider, a.k.a. Eugene) — who are reprising their roles from the 2010 film — did their absolute best to describe the show with only one word at a time. Hilariously, when things didn't go as planned, they were reduced to giggles. Seriously, those two are basically Rapunzel and Flynn Rider IRL.

"Flynn is now Eugene," Levi admits in the video, "but he's also still kinda Flynn, isn't he?" Moore explains that the show will focus a lot on Rapunzel's parents, "because family's very important." The duo conclude the video with "Guys, we're back ... It's happening," and we are so ready. Check out the cute vid below.

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