Are We Getting A Good Luck Charlie Revival Anytime Soon?

Amy Duncan sure hopes so

Disney's Good Luck Charlie wrapped three years ago next month, but fans think we're long overdue for a reboot. This idea stems from Leigh-Allyn Baker, a.k.a. show mom Amy Duncan, who asked her Twitter followers on Sunday (January 22) if they'd ever watch a Good Luck Charlie revival. Based on the reactions, it's safe to say the answer is a collective yes.

After one fan said, "If you're serious, there is a Netflix form to request titles & we can request Good Luck Charlie Netflix Original Series." Baker responded, "I say YES! In a heart beat."

On Instagram, Baker shared a framed pic of the Duncan family, cleverly wondering, "If Full House can get fuller, why couldn't Good Luck Charlie get some more good luck?" Why not, indeed.

Both of Baker's TV sons, Jason Dolley (PJ) and Bradley Steven Perry (Gabe), retweeted her, meaning they seem to be on board as well. Later, Mia Talerico (Charlie) shared a Duncan family pic, urging fans to "spread the word" about getting more Good Luck Charlie. Her TV dad, Eric Allan Kramer, retweeted her, asking, "Anyone like a little more GLC?"

"Ever since @L_A_Baker brought up the idea of a @netflix revamp of Good Luck Charlie, I can't stop thinking about it😍," a fan wrote and Baker retweeted. Honestly, same.