Chris Hemsworth Turns Into A Joyful Toddler After Making This Crazy Basketball Shot

Definitive proof that Thor is real

If you're unconvinced Chris Hemsworth is actually a demigod, you might wanna rethink that after watching the ~athletic~ feat he pulled off recently.

On Thursday (January 19), the Thor: Ragnarok star shared a video on Instagram of himself chucking a basketball from one end of the court to another — and actually making the hoop. Seems like carrying around Thor's hammer for years paid off in the biceps department.

But it's Hemsworth's infectious reaction after he makes the shot that's the real winner. Remember how happy that little girl was when she flipped the water bottle and it landed perfectly? That's the level of joy radiating from this Avenger. "Greatest day of my life," he wrote. Check out his achievement below.