Here’s 107 Kim Possible Facts You Did But Also Didn’t Need To Know

Information overload

We've been calling and beeping Kim Possible for almost 15 years now and still demanding that Taco Bell add the "Naco" to its menu. The Disney animated series, which left the air in 2007, continues to inspire fan art, memes, and cosplayers.

As part of their "107 Facts" video series, YouTuber Channel Frederator went sleuthing and uncovered an ungodly amount of Kim Possible information, including casting changes and animation styles, as well as how the fourth season even came to be.

One of the most interesting things was how far the Kim Possible live-action movie idea actually got before being scrapped, with a script actually drafted by show creators and ready by the show's second season. Eventually, it got switched back to animation and became the DCOM Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama.

For approximately 100 other fun facts you did (and didn't) need to know, check out the video above.