Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Sheerios Are Freaking Over Ed Sheeran's Pic Of A Cat That Looks Like Taylor Swift's

Is that Meredith or Olivia?!

The resemblance is enough to inspire a double-take, sure, but hold your horses, Ed Sheeran fans: This shot doesn't necessarily spill any secrets about a forthcoming Taylor Swift collaboration or a hang-out, even.

As one tends to do when in the presence of a super cute cat, Sheeran posted a photo of a kitten — along with a super weekend-appropriate caption — on Instagram, and Sheerios started flipping out as the teeny tiny ears of that teeny tiny cat looked a little familiar.

One scroll through the comments will deliver a bunch of exclamation points and "TAYLOR!"-es, but unfortunately, this cat — however cute — does not appear to be Meredith or Olivia, i.e. one of Taylor Swift's beloved Scottish Folds.

The kitten in the photo has the same folded ears that Swift's pets do, but this buddy spending its Sunday with Sheeran is covered in tawny, taupe and white fur. Olivia (Benson, named for Mariska Hargitay's character on Law & Order: SVU) is white with smudges of grey, while Meredith (Grey, for Ellen Pompeo's Meredith Grey of Grey's Anatomy) is a grey and white beauty of a darker stripe.

In short: That cat's fur is closer in color to Sheeran's ginger tresses than it is to the snowy coats of Swift's cats unless some serious filter action is going on. So, sorry, guys. Good eyes, but it doesn't look like news of a Swift-related ÷ announcement is in the cards — yet.