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Hailee Steinfeld Is Officially Warming Up For Pitch Perfect 3

Hailee says RELAX

Bella fans, rejoice: It looks like the rookie from Pitch Perfect 2 is going to be picking up the pitch pipe for Pitch Perfect 3.

On January 5, Anna Kendrick threw a cappella enthusiasts everywhere into a tizzy when she posted a photo of the Barden Bellas — or some of them, it turns out — getting back to work on the third Pitch Perfect flick.

Steinfeld is absent from that shot, but she's not absent from the Pitch Perfect 3 cast list.

Why be coy when you can be totally, unavoidably obvious and excited? If the giant "3" behind her didn't drive the point home, Steinfeld threw up 3s and confirmed her involvement in the movie with a simple exclamation: "RELAX, pitches. I'm here."

Now that Steinfeld's joined Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, and the rest of the Bellas on set with Elizabeth Banks in the director's chair, here's hoping we'll have plenty of updates on Insta and elsewhere before they wrap shooting.